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Katherine (Kay) Dodds

Office Location: Eagle
1143 Capitol Street, Ste. #101
Eagle, CO 81631

970.328.1390 (work)
970.390.8981 (mobile)
877.328.2550 (toll-free)
877.653.9454 (fax)
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Katherine (Kay) Dodds joined the Eagle Ranch office of Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate after having been involved in Vail Valley real estate since 2001. Kay has worked across a broad spectrum of the real estate industry both as a broker and an investor. She has marketed luxury homes, been involved in real estate auctions, fixed and flipped, and has handled both sales and purchases of short sale and bank owned properties. She brings to the table a true desire to help other people with their property needs and the experience to make the process an easy one. Whether you are buying or selling your primary home or a vacation property, her varied experience will bring a valuable perspective to each individual situation. Kay joined the real estate world in a roundabout manner. She was a feline veterinarian who developed severe allergies to animals after years of owning her own veterinary clinic in Miami. With a successful although allergic career, Kay reluctantly retired from practicing medicine and began her involvement in the second love of her life, real estate. Her allergies are now well under control but she still loves animals and sneaks the occasional kitty-hug. As the child of an Air Force Colonel and Top Gun fighter pilot (no kidding, he has the trophy) who spent her childhood in Japan, Canada and a multitude of places in the United States. This has given her a lifelong love of traveling and of learning about new places and, go figure, moving (you get organized . . .you move. . .you move on to something new!). Kay now lives on and manages her most recent real estate purchase, a 35 acre horse ranch on the Eagle River where she lives with her three children Jeri, Lane and Joseph, one horse, one lonely duck and one entirely outside dog.  Let Kay help you with your Vail Valley real estate. Whether you need to sell or buy, let her help you with whatever move you need or want to make!



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